Unreal Estate

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Stumbled upon an abandoned hotel we decided to stay there. To settle in it together with our memories of the half-forgotten classical fine art. Together with our thoughts, dreams and their spirits and ghosts. The illusionary world of Escher's staircases, the altarpiece of the Sagrada Familia continuously covered by boundless graffiti, the unescapable viewpoint of stretching corridors, the ever-changing and enticing maze of the columns and the three floors of light and shade games - all this pushed us to look once again into ourselves and to try to transfer our own beliefs, attachments and fantasies to the two-dimensional plane of the photo frame. This strange place is situated on a border between the two worlds: one is evident and another one is invisible. It is there that carelessness meets anxiety, laughter encounters anguish and the reality faces all the not-yet-realized dreams and wishes which are hidden deeply inside us. And if a spectator sees in these photos glares and reflections of his own thoughts and feelings, hopes and fears, if he is not afraid to be alone with himself, it means our attempt is a success.

Initiation well
Nymphs maze
Porter with his thoughts
On his way
Flamboyant circles
At the end of the day
The Angel of the West Window
Rising from hell
When a woman ascends the stairs
Chorus line
Enticing viewpoint
In the foyer
Room service